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Location: Ladprao 71, Bangkok, Thailand
Area: 55 m²

Type: Retail Design

Year: 2021 (On Going)

Diamond Plus is a professional diamond retailer located in the Ladprao neighborhood in Bangkok, Thailand. Having been in the business for 80 years, they decided it was time to give their brand a refresh and work on appealing to a younger audience. At the heart of that refresh was a complete renovation of their store, bringing in a cleaner, more modern look. 

We wanted to challenge the typical perception of jewelry stores which often look to come across as luxurious and high-end, a place for those with money to belong.

There are often expensive materials incorporated into the interior and a sleek look that emphasizes the shine of jewelry. This can be an intimidating space to enter into, and for many younger people or first jobbers, it can feel overwhelming to walk into a jewelry store and feel the pressure of the salesperson's gaze, surrounded by shiny luxury. Our goal was to minimize that feeling and make space feel more calm and homey, a place where younger customers could comfortably spend their time browsing and picking out jewelry without a nagging sense of "not belonging." 


As we worked to build a more inviting space, we also didn't want to lose the sense of professionalism and sophistication that the brand had cultivated for the past 80 years. To achieve that balance we aimed to keep the space light and clean, with a neutral color palette so that the focus could be on the jewelry.  White worked well as a neutral primary color, set off by lighter, warm wood tones in the background to build a homier feel. We introduced a light touch of luxury with moments of glossy marble and shiny gold but made sure to contrast them with highly textured stone and wood to create a high/low space that felt inviting to all.  The ample white and wood tones are able to give the store a more open, airy feel, while black steel, and black and grey marbles, help add a touch of gravitas and sophistication. 


diamond plus
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