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Subject Subject is a passionate and motivated team of designers based in Bangkok, Thailand.


On the subject of space, we believe good spaces create harmony between the material environment, the objects that live within that environment, and the people who experience that environment. Every chair, every light, every tile has a purpose, and we work to unify that purpose into a cohesive point of view. We look at the smallest of details and make sure that they contribute to the big picture. A good space never feels lacking or cluttered, a good space simply feels whole. We build good spaces. 


On the subject of style, we believe it's important to be fresh, to feel original, to offer new perspectives. We look to the past for inspiration but never let it hold us back. Modern is nice, but better with a twist. We think a touch of playfulness can add depth, and the right amount of comfort will make anyone feel at home. Our mindset is simplicity with uniqueness.


We are Subject Subject. We look forward to working with you.


Architecture and Interior Design 

Space Planning
FFE Selection
Installation/Furniture/Set Design

We are always ready to take on a new subject,
reach out to us if you have a challenge!

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